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Though work from home business opportunities can be the quickest and easiest way to get into a business, members can leave the business opportunity as quickly as they joined.


Work from home based business opportunities are one of the quickest ways to get started with your own business opportunity from home. Members are provided with all necessary assistance upon starting like marketing materials, coaching, and in some cases even support of a mentor till your business opportunity succeeds. They can also be very cost-effective as the choices are varied and finding one within a constrained budget is fairly easy.


However, one can be faced with certain challenges when choosing a work from home based business o pportunity. They are, but not limited to:

  1. Finding a business opportunity that suits one's interests and priorities.
  2. Reasonably priced products/services making them easy to market as well as enough commissions and incentives to make it profitable to run the business opportunity.
  3. Sufficient demand for the products/services in the market.
  4. Few competing business opportunities in the market or in other words, the market shouldn't be oversaturated.


Sadly, the number of people failing with these business opportunities is significantly larger than those who succeed. The major reason contributing to the fact is that because of low entry costs and the huge claims made by these programs, many people join at impulse only to find that running the business opportunity, like any real business takes whole lot of work!


Other factors that contribute to members failing with business opportunities can be:

  1. Catering to a dying or over saturated market. Upon signing up, the business opportunity members may find that they are competing with already settled big players in their neighbourhood or their prospective customers might have already been approached with similar proposals earlier.
  2. High priced products/services. Customers may not be willing to part their money for high-priced products when they can find equivalent low-priced products in the market. Or the quality of the products may not justify its steep price. Pyramid schemes are not legitimate business opportunities but are scams.
  3. Limitations on marketing methods. The business opportunity may not flexible enough to allow their members to express their creativity by allowing them to employ their own approach to market the products.
  4. Lack of support. The members may find their mentors too busy to help them get started and may get overwhelmed due to lack of support and mentoring. Business opportunities are only worthwhile with training.
  5. Illegal operations. The business opportunity may not confine to state laws and local zoning regulations and may shut down after some period of operation.
  6. Over exaggerated claims. The members may find that the business opportunity claims were larger-than-life and the facts may be bitter to digest.
  7. Other aspects from business opportunities and its member’s side include lack of marketing know-how, lack of record keeping, lack of management competence and lack of financial management.


Doing proper investigation and research and restraining from joining on impulse will ensure your long term success with the work from home based business opportunity you decide to join.

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