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Purchasing a vinyl plotter (machinery which plots and cuts all graphics) and other sign equipment from the suppliers will not, on it's own, ensure success as the suppliers rarely spend adequate time on training, furthermore the vinyl plotter is only one of the five stages of sign production.


Our package includes complete practical and theoretical training, in all stages of sign production including full software and hardware training on the latest sign equipment available in South Africa.


Essential time saving and money saving production techniques plus full training on sign installation the easy way, allows you to take advantage of our years of experience. This will ensure you a competitive edge in generating immediate high profit cash flow, quickly and efficiently.


Sign equipment suppliers seem to put too much emphasis on their equipment without having any experience in running a signage business on a day to day basis. Our training is based on actual events and experiences of more than fourteen years. Our practical training covers it all.


The three most common mistakes made by signage companies are preventable with our training:

• Administration Mismanagement

• Misuse of Equipment by Employees

• Inaccurate Pricing to Clientele (under quoting or over quoting)


After being in business for many years, we realise that the main keys to your succcess are marketing and sales.

This will be the main focal point of the training.


In order to make a success in the signage industry certain criteria have to be met. Why re-invent the wheel when over fourteen years of experience will be imparted to you ensuring your long term success.

Buying a paint brush, does not make you a salable artist

Turnkey "no franchise fee" Business Opportunity™ is a registered tradmark of POWERPACK

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