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Why 95% of Online Business Opportunities Fail

For obvious reasons, many people strive to develop a home business. The thought of working from home allowing a more flexible schedule that allows the business owner to spend more quality time with his or her family is a worthwhile goal that many seek to achieve.


Internet business opportunities are in the business of selling hope. The growth of the Internet has delivered the greatest hope for most people who seek out their own home business. But the truth of the matter is that most people who start an online business will fail. The Small Business Administration suggested the 95% of all online business opportunities fail. That is a number that makes the potential of creating a successful online business a very remote possibility.


Contrast that with the SBA numbers for a normal brick-and-mortar small business. The Small Business Administration says that 65% of ordinary small businesses fail within five years. Business opportunities are really business scams in many cases. Practical training on legitimate businesses should be considered but business opportunities promising millions without hard work is a scam.  


There is one industry that is perfect for the small business start-up that delivers a much brighter outlook on the business survival front. According to the Department of Commerce, only 12.4% of sign businesses fail. If training is provided to the candidate then the percentages are even smaller of any risk.


Against the 95% of online business failures and the 65% of offline small business failures, the 12.4% failure rate in the signage industry shows that this is one of the safest, in the practical business opportunities range.


Business Opportunities V.S. Franchise Operations

It is time that you achieved your dreams and started a business of your own. Yes, there is a heck of a lot of choices out there, and it is a bit overwhelming at times. There are Franchises, business opportunities (Biz Ops), licensing opportunities and a myriad of potential possibilities, so how do you know which one is right for you? Well, there is a big difference between business opportunities and Franchises.


Generally speaking business opportunities give you a plan, industry information and all the things you need in the way of equipment so you can start your business. Once you start, you are on your own. With a Franchise the franchisor allows you to use their brand name, trains you, helps set you up in business and then provides on-going assistance for the term of the franchise agreement. Of course, there are on-going fees for this.


These fees are called royalties and they range from flat fees each month to a percentage of gross sales. Some franchisors charge quite a bit for their royalties and others are more reasonable. You have to decide which is best for you and then you have to study several deals from various companies to find a good fit. Do not rush into anything; you need to think this through, as many of these Franchise Operations are quite expensive. Please consider all this.


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