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Many people dream about having their own home business in order to escape the hassle of commuting, friction with overbearing bosses and the stress of the corporate workplace. In the good old days, the ideal home business was some kind of mail-order home business. However, in today's world an Internet-based business offers the best way to gain flexibility and economic independence. If you are not sure how to go about it, take a look at the following steps which all home business based entrepreneurs must take:


  1. Home business strategy: Determine what you want to do
    You know you want a home business that is yours and based in your own work from home setup but you may not be sure what exactly you want to do. No one can decide this for you. You must pick an area of activity where you have a bit of knowledge and most importantly, a passion. After all, you are probably leaving your day job because you were not happy with what you are doing. Don't pick another type of work that will be a misery, rather pick something that you enjoy doing in your home business.  Brainstorm and pick your area of interest and then follow it up until your home business idea becomes clear.


  1. Home business strategy: Set up your home business workplace
    If you want to work from home you will need a separate area where you can work efficiently. It doesn't have to be a large office, but it has to be a place where you can work without disturbance. Once you have carved out your working area, you have to equip it. The minimum is an up to date computer with a good connection to the Internet. You will probably need software such as an html editor, an ftp program, and an art or photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop. A good accounting program will also be required once you get rolling and the money starts flowing in. Home business must be run without disturbances.


  1. Home business strategy: Make sure that you have a back up income
    Setting up a successful home business is harder than it looks and harder than the advertisements would have you believe. In the first months you may not make any money. Budget some money to cover the initial period when sales are likely to be zero or very low, and plan your first year realistically so that you can survive during the starting period of your home business.


  1. Home business strategy: Pick a proper domain name and register it at a reputable registrar
    Your domain name is your brand name and it will become your online identity. The name should describe what you do and it should be memorable. Your clients don’t need to know it is a home business.


  1. Home business strategy: Find a reliable hosting service for your business
    As with the domain registration, choose a hosting company that is well known and that has good customer support. Check to see if they have 24 hour phone service or an online chat service. Pick up a hosting package that has enough space for your needs.


  1. Home business strategy: Design and Promote Your Website
    Your website is your store-front. It is your sales representative and it is your home business suit all in one! You can make a good impression with a professionally designed site, and whatever you invest in a good design will be repaid later on. So don't skimp on your website, have it designed professionally. Follow these six steps and you will be on your way to fulfilling your dream of having a home-based business.


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