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One of the first staffing issues you'll need to address is hiring. Finding good employees for any business can be difficult. But finding employees capable of meeting the demands of working in a franchise can present special challenges.


These challenges sometimes require employers to look beyond the typical sources, especially if the franchise has highly specialised staffing needs.


One place to look for franchise employees is employees who have previous experience in another franchise within the same company or in a franchise of a competitor.


On the plus side, these employees are already familiar with the sometimes rigid policies required by the franchisor. They are also familiar with how the franchise operates and are presumably capable of working effectively as part of the franchise team.


On the downside, however, employees of other franchises have a reason for leaving their previous position. Since franchises are very similar to one another, their reasons for leaving their last job will likely continue to be a problem in their position with your franchise.


Franchises sometimes offer outlets for training that aren't available in a typical small business. In an effort to ensure uniformity across the franchise, franchisors tend to be more willing to provide their franchisees with training programs that equip their employees to do their jobs effectively and in compliance with franchise standards. Before you buy a franchise, it's worth your time to ask about the services the franchisor provides for employees and then use those services after you open for business.

Employee turnover can be a big problem in many franchises, particularly those that employ a significant number of low-income positions, e.g. fast food or retail franchises. To mitigate the impact of turnover in your franchise, it's important to construct a staff that is not overly reliant on any single employee.

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